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Since the introduction
of the ITIL in the year 2000-4 it has transformed the department of information
technology.  In the regard, the further
development was made in the 2007.

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In the year 2010, many
organizations have installed ITIL systems for the delivery of the
services.  With the implemenation of the
ITIL systems the organizations have achieved the marure status. Howeve, the
organization in the Nordic region have to go a long way to achive the mature
staus by implementing ITIL.

High quality software and
project concisely leads towards the benefist of the implementation process.

The inclusion of the
control varibels in the ITIL implementation shows that these variables as great
influence in the quality of the ITIL implementation.

The experience doesn’t
have significant infllunece on the ITIL project quality.

was a negative output was  found  between the organizational resources with
respect to the ITIL implementation processes

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